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Past work: a showcase

Green Access Audits for nature reserves, heritage attractions, countryside destinations, railway stations and urban housing areas. The Icknield Way Path near Hitchin, Hertfordshire.  Picture: Chris Wood, 2006. Research and writing on a variety of transport, cultural heritage and development topics.
The Chilterns Rambler bus, promoted by Widen teh Choice as part of the Herts. Sustainable Transport Partnership, in Tring.  Picture: Chris Wood. Bus network analysis, service development and promotion, including DRT and leisure services. CoastLink demand-responsive bus at Dunwich.  Picture: Chris Wood.
Work with the railway industry and CRPs as Widen the Choice on Rail Gateways to the Countryside. RSPB and National Express logos on station name signs at Lakenheath.  Picture: Chris Wood, 2003. Development work and advocacy for light rail.
A National Express train calling at Buckenham on a Sunday.  Picture: Chris Wood. Conference programme development and event organisation. Tram in Vienna.  Picture: Chris Wood.
In-house document design and photography. Cover of a leaflet produced by Widen the Choice to promote the Suffolk CoastLink DRT service.  Design: Chris Wood. International experience: Sweden, Austria and France.

Widen the Choice

Widen the Choice was a dynamic animator in sustainable countryside access from 2002 to 2009. A partnership between The National Trust, the RSPB and Natural England (initially The Countryside Agency), Widen the Choice covered the East of England region, working to make it easier for people to reach the countryside by means other than the car. The following are legacies of the partnership's work, carried out by Transplan's Chris Wood. The links all open in a new window.

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The following links are to PDFs of past Transplan Occasional Papers and other materials produced by Chris Wood.

Chris Wood at the 2008 Community Rail Awards

Chris Wood at the 2008 Community Rail Awards.  Picture: Ian Dinmore.

Widen the Choice was placed third in two categories for its Rail Gateways to the Countryside work in the Yare Valley (Norfolk) and at Lakenheath (Suffolk), with National Express, the RSPB and the Wherry Lines CRP. Picture: Ian Dinmore.

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